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Choose Your Project!

We have a wide range of in-person and at-home activities for the whole family. Try something new today!

Canvas Painting


Step by step classes & walk-ins!

Learn the basics at one of our classes or paint your own thing with a walk-in reservation. 

Wood Signs


Customize your own sign!

Over fifty designs to choose from. We also make custom signs if you have something in mind. Large signs must be pre ordered and pre paid. 


It's a puzzle that you get to design!
Pick out your shape, glass and grout color and make your masterpiece. We have all the expensive stuff so you can try this out and get right to the fun stuff! 

Mixed Media

A great way to try out wood sign making! 
it's like a large wood sign, except its cuter. Choose from pre-made stencils available as a walk-in activity. 
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